No Return Policy

  • There is No Return Policy if you Buy any book reason being in many cases, students do the Xerox copy of books and then make it return to us. So while considering this issue if you buy any book, then we do not provide services of returning books.


Return Policy is applicable only for renting any new/old book

  • In this case if you return any book for genuine reasons, including issues like, missing of some pages, text are not easily readable due to any writing or highlighting in book, course or syllabus is not matched, get wrong book which you haven’t ordered, and more. In these cases you can apply for return a book within 2 days counting from the date of delivery and you wil get full refund in your account or you may use it for any other transaction with us.
  • In case you are returning any book due to your mistake, then you have to pay the rent of that book as a penalty and then you can apply for different book.


Process of Returning a book of rent:-

If your rental time period has got completed, then just apply for to return the book from your account. And wrap the book in any polybag and pack it properly with cello tapes so that we can get it safely.

When we get your book then, we take 2 to 3 days to check it for any damage, missing page, overwriting or highlighting in book etc. if we found the book in good condition then we return your remaining amount within 4 business working days in your account number(provided in your BooksEmperor Account).


Return Policy for change in ordered books syllabus :

If Syllabus of ordered book during Rent time period get change then book will not be return by BOOKSEMPEROR. In that case you have to Buy your Book by Applying for Email to: